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DriveSitter Pro Download Page

DriveSitter Pro

Publisher's Description:

DriveSitter Pro - Your hard disk may crash NOW! DriveSitter Pro forecasts up to 70% of all sudden HDD crashes and monitors the HDD temperature. DriveSitter Pro runs unnoticeable in the background constantly diagnosing the HDDs and prevents data loss.

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User License Agreement:

LICENSE AGREEMENT The following license agreement will be signed between you, the user or licensee, and the developer of this ...

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The following license agreement will be signed between you, the user or licensee, and the developer of this software product. You will have to bindingly agree to this legal contract in order to install and use this software product. Please read this document carefully.

1) In this document, the collection of binary files of this distribution package, any dedicated printed documentation and persistent distributive media that originally stores all or some of the binary files is designated as SOFTWARE PRODUCT or for short SOFTWARE. Every part of the distribution package is part of the software product. This license agreement applies to the whole distribution package as well as each individual file, binary data thereof, printed documentation or distributive media. The unity of this distribution package may not be modified, nor may the software product be split into parts.

2) This software product is NOT FREE OF CHARGE. Until further notice, you are allowed to use the original, unmodified shareware version of this software product for 30 days. After this evaluation period, the software product must either be licensed immediately or must be completely removed from the computer.

2a) Nobody may demand money for the shareware version of this software product. You may not loan, rent, lease, sublicense, distribute, resell for profit or otherwise transfer all or any portion of the software product to third parties. No part of the software product or the documentation may be multiplied, disseminated or processed in any way without the explicit written permission of the developer.

3) If this software product is used or still installed past the evaluation period, a license must be purchased for every installation of the software. If the software product is installed or stored in a NETWORK, multiple licenses must be acquired and dedicated to each computer that is capable to access the software product.

3a) If this software product is to be used to serve any COMMERCIAL PURPOSE, or even if it is installed to or otherwise transferred to or stored on one or more computers running in a COMMERCIAL ENVIRONMENT or network, either the appropriate number of BUSINESS LICENSES or a SITE LICENSE must be purchased.

3b) This software product may also be run on TIME LIMITED LICENSE. After a time limited license expired, the license must either be renewed or the software product must be completely removed from the computer, both self-dependently by the licensee and without further request by the developer.

3c) Every license is PERSONALIZED to a person or in case of a site license to a company or organization and can generally not be transferred. The licensed software product as well as any information about licensing the software product (e.g. the "unlock key") must be kept private and must not be accessible to others but the licensee. You may not relicense, reproduce or distribute any unlock key or unlocking information except with the explicit written permission of the developer. The licensee is liable for unauthorized or illegal copies of the licensed software product, the license and any information on licensing the software product (e.g. the "unlock key").

4) BETA-TEST VERSIONS of this software product are intended for internal use, only. You may not transfer all or any portion of the beta-test software product to third parties. You may not share any generated output of the software product as well as any information about the software product or bugs with third parties at any time, neither while testing nor afterwards. You are bound to treat the beta software product as corporate secret of the developer.

4a) You may not use the beta-test version of this software product once the next official version of the software product is released and you are obliged to completely destroy every copy of the beta-test version.

4b) You are liable to the full extent for any loss of profit, competitive drawbacks or other adversarial economical consequences for the developer that can be ascribed to violations of 4 or 4a.

5) The software product is DISTRIBUTED "AS IS". There is absolutely (a) no claim on support, (b) no guarantee on its functionality or its correctness and (c) no claim on updates or bugfixes of any kind. You are welcome to report bugs and make suggestions.

6) The developer is NOT LIABLE for any damage to the operating system, other software or the hardware that could have been caused directly or indirectly by this software product. Furthermore, the developer is not liable for any cost, data loss, loss of profit or any other kind of loss that might arise due to the use of this software product. You use this software product at your own risk.
This software product has conscientiously been designed to the best of the developer's knowledge.

7) The developers LIABILITY IS LIMITED to the amount of the license charge. Decisive is the tax-free charge at the origin of the claims.

8) All LEGAL RIGHTS on this software product as well as the intellectual property remain solely to the developer. You may not reverse engineer, decompile, disassemble or otherwise reduce any part of the software product to any human perceivable form. You may not modify, adapt, translate or create derivative works based upon this software product or any parts thereof.

9) You may not transfer the rights of this license agreement.

10) This license agreement may be superseded by an updated version with every update of the software product or any parts thereof. It might be necessary to sign the updated license agreement to use the updated software product. The updated license agreement does not affect older versions of the software product and formerly signed license agreements remain valid and untouched for the respective former versions of the software product.

11) The incapacity of some part of this document does not limit the legal effectiveness or validity of any other part.

12) May it be that some parts of this contract are not legally effective or the legal effectiveness got lost later on, the effectiveness of all other parts of this contract remains unaffected. Additionally the parties bind themselves to substitute the legally ineffective parts with effective ones that mostly matches in regard to economical consequences.

Installing or using this software product signifies the acceptance of this license agreement. If you reject, you must not and will not be able to use this software product and you are obliged to immediately remove all files from your computer. Violations of the upper conditions 1, 2, 2a, 3, 3a, 3b, 3c, 4, 4a will be prosecuted in every case.

Oliver Marr
Bremen, Germany
June 2004

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